Cliff Kupchan

Practice Head, Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa
Area of Expertise: Russia, Iran

Cliff Kupchan Cliff Kupchan is the head of Eurasia Group's Russia and Eurasia team as well as the senior Iran analyst. He covers Russia's domestic and foreign policy, as well as its energy sector. He also focuses on Iranian nuclear and foreign policy, Iranian domestic politics, and international sanctions on Iran.

Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Cliff served as a vice president and senior fellow at The Center for the National Interest. From 2000 to 2002, he lived in Moscow, and worked as the vice president of the Eurasia Foundation. During the Clinton administration, Cliff served at the US Department of State as the deputy coordinator of US assistance to Eurasia. Before that, he worked for many years for the House International Relations Committee, where he served as the senior foreign policy adviser for Eurasia, North Africa, and foreign assistance. He has published numerous articles on Russia, Iran, and US foreign policy, and has served as an analyst for many major US and European media outlets.

Cliff holds an AB from Brown University and an MA from Stanford University. He is fluent in Russian.

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