Greg Priddy

Director, Global Energy and Natural Resources
Area of Expertise: Energy projects, global oil markets, OPEC, Persian Gulf

Greg Priddy Greg Priddy focuses primarily on the global oil market and issues that affect strategic decision-making in the upstream and downstream. This includes political risk issues that can affect oil prices, cartel politics, and market fundamentals, as well as resource nationalism, environmental regulation, and trade patterns.

Prior to joining Eurasia Group in 2006, Greg worked for seven years at Z, Inc., a small consulting firm that works with clients in the Energy Information Administration at the US Department of Energy. While there, he contributed to country analysis briefs and was involved in internal US government analyses of oil market risks. Greg has provided commentary on major media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, and PBS NewsHour.

Greg holds an MA in International Affairs as well as a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. He also studied at the American University in Cairo.

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